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supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
Does anyone know of a machine shop in New England area that can machine the block and re-Babbitt a 29 super six? And what the cost might be? 


  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    Does anyone know if there is a shop in New England that rebuilds the 29 super six? And what is the average cost of the machining and re-babbet the rods and mains?     
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    "Super", you deserve your own "discussion" on that topic, why not start one with the title "Looking for Machine Shop in New England"? You may attract more responses that way, than you will by piggy-backing your inquiry onto a discussion called "Joe".

    I would advise you contact someone in the New England chapter of the Club, they should certainly be able to direct you to a capable machine shop.   Or, maybe one of the Club members in New England actually rebuilds Super Sixes.
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  • cricketcricket Posts: 11Member
    J & M Machine in Southboro, Ma. is excellent. They did my complete '29 Essex Engine 3 years ago. Outstanding quality of work.  (508)460-0733
  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    Thanks for the phone number do you know if they are still open. Nobody answers the phone
  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    Does anyone know what size and threads per inch the rear hubs are on a 29 Essex 2 dr sedan?
  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    Cricket what was the cost of the rebuild? Thanks 
  • cricketcricket Posts: 11Member
    supersixer, I sent you an email. Did you get it?
  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    Yes  I did I plan to call you as soon as I get a chance. I did get through to the machine shop but still would like to talk with you. Just had a surgery and have been preoccupied with that. I appreciate your help with locating a machine shop.
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