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I am starting to contact foundries on making a new Hudson intake for 232, 262, and 308 engines.  Here is what I have so far:
  1) It will be somewhat based on the original Twin H design, but will be aluminum, not cast iron.  The area on the ends of the manifold will extend slightly beyond what they are currently to allow space to properly locate two Weber carbs.
  2) It will eliminate the heat riser connection to the stock exhaust manifold, but will include a separate connection for heat from the engine cooling water.

So here is what I would like to know.  Clifford had 19 Hudsonites committed to buying a new manifold w/ dual Weber DGES (38/38) carbs.  Is that interest still there?  If so let me know if you are interested.  I do not have any pricing yet, nor do I expect this can happen if we only have 4 or 5 interested buyers.  My guess is the target price will be $500, give or take $100.

Although the initial design is still for 2 Weber DGES (38/38 synchronous), or DGEV (32/36 progressive)  carbs, would there be more interest if a generic designed manifold with an open top to allow for an adapter plate to allow for a variety of carb combinations - 2 x 1 (twin H), 1 Carter WGD (stock design), 2x2, or 3x2 Carter WGDs or Rochesters?  I have looked at the spacing and there is little room to put 3 Weber DGESs, nor do I think it would be useful as they flow about 400 cfm each anyway.  Since I would like to keep the plenum narrow I do not see the space to put a 4bbl on the manifold and Clifford already sells one like this anyway.  


1) would you be interested in a new aluminum Hudson intake? - Yes or No
2) would you prefer it to be 2 Webers or have it have an adapter plate if such an animal can be designed economically? - Yes or No.

Note: I am not interested in making money on this, nor do I intend to get involved in selling carbs, or carb parts, linkages, etc.


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    I'm interested in a twin Webber intake system for my engine
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    If someone wants to put a 2 Weber on a 232 or 262 I would recommend using the DGEV, progressive setup as the DGESs would be probably overkill, especially on a 232.  Still would greatly improve performance and as Kdancy has noted you can already put a single Weber DGEV or DGES on the stock Hudson 2bbl manifold.
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    Dan, is it safe to assume the spacing would be so that we could use our Twin H linkage and air cleaners without a huge amount of custom fabrication?
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    I was down for 3 setups from Clifford, so put me on the list for 3. Don Crane
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    Superwasp - unfortunately, the throttle direction on the Weber carbs will be 90 degrees different than on the 1bbl Twin H setup.  The Twin H carbs linkage pull across the head, and the Weber carbs pulls parallel to the head.  You would have to modify the opening on the Twin H air cleaners to work on a Weber, not that it cannot be done with an adapter.  I was looking at the carb mounting area on the casting could be made such that when it is machined one could drill and tap for 1bbl use as well as with a 2 bbl Weber.

    Here are some air cleaner options:
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    Dan,  Yes, I am interested in one manifold.  Bruce MacLellan
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    Here is an adapter that may let you use a Twin H air cleaner on a Weber?  I need to measure the opening on a Twin H to be sure.  This is about 2.3 in.

  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 169Member
    The air horn on the Carter is 2.25", so I think it could be made to work pretty easily on the Twin H cleaners. On the Weber carbs... I thought they could be turned 90 deg to pull perpendicular to (across) the head. Years ago I looked into these for a stovebolt. Langdon used to identify the linkage on these as the 'back' of the carb meaning the linkage wouldn't strike the manifold. The stovebolt Chevy cars had almost no linkage clearance to the manifold so that was a question he got all the time.
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    The issue is if you turn the Weber 90° it will require widening the manifold to accommodate the rectangular flange.  The other issue is the odd way the Weber throttle blades are actuated.  Unlike most carbs with the blades attached to a single shaft running through the short side, they are gear activated on two shafts on the long side.  I don't see an issue with linkage clearance.  See below.

     This is a Clifford Mopar Manifold with dual Weber DGESs
  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 169Member
    Ah, I see. Yes, that would make for one wide manifold if they were rotated.
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    I have made some progress on how to proceed to make the manifolds and minimize the cost of casting patterns.  1) I will need to first do a scan of a stock manifold 2) take the scan and do a solid model to a 3D file. 3) print a 3D model of real size for fit and modifications as needed. 4) use the modified model to make 3D files for the cores, 5) print the cores from plastic.  6) make castings, 7) final machining.  So this avoids the use of expensive patterns traditionally used for sand casting.  This would not work for high volumes, but if we can get 20 to 30 manifold orders that would be great.
  • Jay_GJay_G Posts: 393Expert Adviser
    Yes, I am still interested in at least one set. 

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