CRHarveyCRHarvey Posts: 3Member
there was an ad last year for new exhaust systems for stepdowns. I cant find it now. Does anyone know who this is?? I would like to talk to them. Thanks, Crayharvey


  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 159Member
    I don't remember an ad, but I had Waldron build me a stainless steel exhaust for my '51 Super 6.  They aren't cheap, but their build and customer service is first rate.

  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,226Administrator
    Yes, Waldron's is well thought-of.  Here's the link to their Hudson line: http://waldronexhaust.com/cart/index.php?cPath=61_42   As to the material, I ordered a complete exhaust from the late Jim Fortin, back in 1985.  It was made of aluminized steel.  It's still on the car, 36 years later.  (I did cheat, and drilled a small "weep hole" in the underside of the muffler at its lower end, for drainage.)  Stainless is all very well, but you can save money and still get a long-lived system.
  • LanceLance Posts: 940Member
    Jon, I remember getting one from Jim Fortin as well. One problem with stainless steel exhaust systems is that while they are obviously rust proof, they have a tendency to crack. Aluminized steel does not do that.  I too go along with the idea of using that system over stainless.
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