wtb 308 twin h engine turn key for '53 w/hydramatic

hi - my hornet has been down for about 18 months, after throwing a rod, on the way out to a car show - i am patiently waiting for a replacement engine to be built - in the meantime, i wanted to see if there was a fresh 308 twin h engine available for sale - i know this is a long shot, but i'm optimistic! thanks for looking


  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 195Member
    hi - still looking - still waiting - any leads would be most appreciated

    thanks for looking
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,233Expert Adviser
    All I know is in the picture - from Buy Sell HET site on FaceBook

  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 195Member
    hey guys - still waiting for the rebuild - thanks for the last lead - if i was closer, it may have been a done deal, but it was a bit on an unknown quantity - any other leads? thanks again!
  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,417Expert Adviser
    Scroll to second page . I posted an ad on the HAMB for 54 Hoolywood.
    He has engine and trans for sale,
    New Jersey
  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 195Member
    thanks for the lead - unless i'm misreading the ad, it looks like the engine is in need of a total rebuild - i'm looking for a running engine - thanks again
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