vacuum operated brake booster

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I have spent the last few days looking online for any and all information concerning a vacuum operated brake boosters for a 48 to 57 step down Hudson. I have looked online for all previous strings on HET in this issue from maybe 2006 to present. I have been told that it was offered in 1954, as a special option. The vacuum operated assist system had some issues apparently.

When I start to rebuild my 48 Super Six club Coupe, I am using maybe 2 fender mounted vacuum canisters along with a vacuum brake booster with front disc brakes as well as possibly rear brake disc brakes. I know that there are many interchanges with the front spindles to change the drum brakes to disc brakes, with the caliper brackets.

If anyone can help me with the specific years to interchange the front drum brakes to disc brakes, along with the brake booster, and master cylinder would be a lot of help.

Is it possible to mount the vacuum booster to the firewall instead of under the car? I already need to replace all of the brake lines on my car, being that they are rotten on the frame, So if i can also move the location of the master cylinders from under the car to the firewall well with the new master cylinder and vacuum brake booster will help a lot

Thanks Wookie


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