Walt likes his cup

dholckdholck Posts: 176Expert Adviser
Walt Mordenti's daughter sent this picture of him enjoying his cup that he received from HET membership.  On the phone she said he got a big kick out of it.  He also got a 34 Terraplane coupe mask and blanket, and 2 pillows are coming; one with the same picture as the cup, and one with his 53 parked by a gazebo.
I gave her the "forum.hetclub.org" address.  She's had trouble getting on and has not been seeing the postings about Walt.  Walt knows as of today that the items are from HET membership to show their high esteem for Walt and his long years of support to the HET community.


  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,079Expert Adviser
    Way to go. I am sure it made his day. Thanks
  • schillazschillaz Posts: 318Expert Adviser
    Awesome, I bet he really enjoyed it.  Great work!
  • thekid1950thekid1950 Posts: 50Member
    I’m sure Walt appreciates the recognition.  I was always amazed that he accepted west coast phone calls til 10pm.  His advice always gave encouragement and maybe a new thing to try.
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