Hi, i'm from the UK and now the owner of a 1952 Hudson Wasp Hollywood. It needs plenty of work but I have plenty of time so it's a slow and steady project to get her back up to former glory. I have done lots of research into the scarcity of the Wasp Hollywood and it's safe to say, I am extremely lucky to have come across such a gem. My VIN is 183722; if anyone has the tools or access to be able to tell me any of the cars history then that would be fantastic! I believe the original colour was Gulf Green with an Ebony Black roof.

Also, are there any UK Hudson owners on here? I need contacts hahaa.


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    Welcome aboard!

    The fellow who maintains the 1952 Hudson registry is Bob Iozia, e-mail .  please delete the XXX before sending!  Give him your car's serial number and as much info as you can, on it.  He'll consult his listings to see if he has any historical information on your car.  However, I must tell you that -- unless a previous owner has volunteered to send the information to the registry -- no information will be on record.

    One word of caution, before you start spending all kinds of time and money on this car: have you checked the condition of the perimeter frame, back by the rear axle?  This is the one Achilles Heel of Hudson Step-Downs:  if they were left outside or driven on salted roads, the frame will look like Swiss cheese.  And it's not cheap to fix.  So, at least get under the car and do a thorough inspection.  With any luck it'll be fine.  And if it is, you don't have to worry that it will inevitably rot away.  Any damage will already have been done, and from henceforth you will keep the car garaged and not drive it in the winter.  But, no sense in investing thousands of dollars in new paint, chrome, engine rebuilding, upholstery and body work, if you suddenly discover that you need to drop several thousand pounds into frame restoration!

    That said, I wish you the best of luck on the restoration of your "new" Hudson! Do attempt to find some nearby fellow Hudson owners with whom you can trade technical information.  They're out there!  (You might want to give your approximate location; a fellow Hudsonite might live closer than you think.)
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    Hey Aaron, just thought I’d show you this 52 Wasp Hollywood I’m working on for a guy here in Texas. Good luck with yours and post pics along the way. Cheers
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    Lance that is my former car!  Sold it to Ron and he restored it.  What’s up now?  It was running last time I was in Abilene.  Great to see the pictures  Ken 
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    Condition of the Hollywood when I sold it to Ron... many years ago.   Previously owned by PM Milam of Stephenville, Texas.
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    Aarono1703 the previous owner and I corresponded several times about your new car.  You will find answers to many questions and contacts for information and parts on my Hudson Restoration website.  While I know there are many impediments to obtaining parts for your car... you will find that the folks who are listed on my vendors listing are all Hudson folks dedicated to helping others repair, restore and take pride in their automobiles... Ken Cates Waco Texas....
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    Yes, there are a few UK Hudson owners who post on here.
    I'm one - Isle of Wight.
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    And me (or used to be :(), Web Master based in South Staffordshire

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    If you're in the UK, you should seriously consider joining both the US HET Club and the UK-based Railton Owners Club.
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    I was one - I'm English and I was in the UK till 2014, but I moved to France then. I have this (unrestored original formerly belonging to Duke Marley of NC)

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    sidevalve said:
    I was one - I'm English and I was in the UK till 2014, but I moved to France then. I have this (unrestored original formerly belonging to Duke Marley of NC)

    What on earth have you put on the roof, Alan ?
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    Jon B -  Thank you for the email, as it's a newly imported vehicle I highly doubt there's much accessible information about her. Appreciate the heads up about the perimeter frame, rear of the axle, I shall be sure to check that out!

    cheyenne7271 - Lovely example there, it's so good to see a Wasp Hollywood in such great condition. A big motivator!

    Glowplug - Yes I have seen and starred your conversation with the previous owner, it'll be a great help in the future. Thank you for the link, i'm sure i'll be needing it hahaa.

    Old Fogey UK - Nice to see, going to need as many contacts as I can. Hopefully I can get her moving in time for NSRA SuperNats in August. I have seen the Railton Owners Club and very surprised that Hudson actually had a factory plant in London.

    sidevalve - Great to see a car in such great condition that hasn't been restored! I do like the TV antenna touch, bringing the 21st century back in time.
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