MariusMarius Posts: 62Member
another question.. on the brake drums, what in the tarnations is the screw on the outside of the brake drums? barely sticks through the inside of brake drum....

another question is ; is it safe to remove the drums ? so i can sand the spokes and re varathane them.... i just want to make sure that the spokes all fall apart......


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 614Member
    On my 29 Hudson, there is a small screw out near the edge of the drum that holds a small cover  over an access hole. That hole is where you insert a feeler gauge when you adjust the brakes.
  • MariusMarius Posts: 62Member
    I just figured out it might be a inspection hole to check brake pads
  • MariusMarius Posts: 62Member
    Thank you 54coupe

    after i posted
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,096Senior Contributor
    Under no circumstances should you take the wheel spokes apart if it is not absolutely necessary.   Nor should you remove the drum.  If you do so  then you must very carefully label each hole and spoke so that they go back in the original positions.   Failure to do this will lead to the wheel most likely working loose, or being out of round.   the bolts holding the drum on have been peened over on the ends, and most likely will strip or be weakened upon removal.   As a piece of useless information, if you remove the spokes and try and get them back in their original positions in relation to each other  the chances are 1 in 479,001,600.   the chances of getting the drum back  the original position is of course only 1 in 12.  If you get it wrong it most likely will not be centred exactly, resulting in uneven brake pedal action.  
  • HansHans Posts: 135Senior Contributor
    Look at the available FACTORY pictures, ............painted wheels
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