Looking for advice on a near totaled '49 Super Six

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Hi all, new guy here. I have '49 Super Six that was sadly crushed by a tree in our property that fell on it. Amazingly the car can still start and run. There does seem to be a problem now of something causing a drain on the battery, though the drain goes away if I start it and get the RPMs up a bit. Only the drain comes back if I disconnect and re-connect the battery, so I'm really not sure what's going on there. I'm kind of torn between just selling it as it is or maybe trying to find a similar-ish body in decent shape to put the engine and drive train in. I'm not even really sure what the value would be with what's left of the body and the working engine. Any help or advice is appreciated.



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    can you post a pic of the car ?
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    What was the condition of the car before it was damaged?  Was it in restored, or very original condition? 

    Also, what is the body style?

    And, what was the extent of the damage?  Was just the roof crushed or is the entire body damaged from top to bottom?

    Where are you located?

    If the car had been in very good condition prior to the disaster, it will have value as a parts car because there will be a lot to salvage (including parts of the body that were not damaged).  If the damage had been confined to the roof, there is a chance that some enterprising person could splice on another roof and put the car back on the road.  (Especially if the body style is somewhat rare, like a coupe.)

    My advice would be to sell the car to some Hudson enthusiast who could then part it out (or fix it), and then just walk away from it.  Otherwise, you are spending months or years trying to find just the right car in which to transplant your donor engine.  Could happen in two weeks...or 5 years.  Just cut your losses, get what you can for the car, and then shop around for a replacement Hudson!
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    Thank you for the replies and sorry about no pictures. I got some and will put them in this post. The car was pretty much just an old beater that my dad used as a daily driver for about 20 years or so and was never in any kind of restored condition. Seems like my best option would be to just sell what's left of it. Thanks again for the advice.

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    Was a pretty cool car, I bet you could sell it to a rat rod dude on craigslist for $500. 
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    If it were a show car, or had high sentimental value, you could splice a new top and a couple doors (and dashboard) onto it.  But since since neither of these is the case, I'd agree: put it on craigslist and/or Ebay and get what you can for it.  You could also consider listing it in the WTN, which is free.  Don't junk it, though, because it's much more valuable for salvageable parts than it is for metal.
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    How was it parallel parking that beast, could you get it first shot?
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    The car is currently in Boise ID. The car does have some sentimental value to me, but the realist in me knows I should probably cut my losses. I can always keep the memories, and maybe try and look for another super six sedan at some point. (Thankfully) never had to try and parallel park it, but it was the car I learned how to drive a manual in.
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    Bet the fold down seat was hit.
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    That car won’t have a fold down seat
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    Kupog I PMd you
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    The fold down seat was a Nash thing and the '55 - '57 Hudson's inherited it when they went to the Nash body.
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    If someone had a rusted out frame this would be a great place to merge 2 into 1!
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    Right after it got crushed I half thought about just completely removing the top and reinforcing the body somehow to have a no-windshield-convertible. Not sure if that would even be legal in my state though. Unfortunately the whole frame got slightly bent downward and the steering column pushes the steering wheel almost completely against the front seat, so it probably wouldn't be entirely safe to drive. It's tempting though.
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    I think you need the roof to support the structure. I cut the top off of a bug one time and it caved in enough so the doors didn't open and close correctly.
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    Kupod I will buy it off of you if you still have it.
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    he does have the car, I wasn’t able to go get it affordably esp since the price of fuel shot up. I have his email, PM me
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    Could make it into a 4 door convertible, as a  wished for Hudson prototype.   
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    I might have some usable doors. Build a strong subframe to force the body straight, put on a frameless roadster windscreen and have a Phaeton.
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