Trying to Recover Walt Mordenti's Racing Scrapbook

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Walt Mordenti's daughter Joyce is trying to locate and perhaps purchase the two scrapbooks Walt sent to a fellow who owned the #78 midget racer that used to be Walt's.  The scrapbooks would contain pictures, Speedway News clippings, awards, and advertisements for products that Walt endorsed, among other things. This happened several years ago and Walt's lost track of the fellow to whom he sent the books.  Even if #78 is located, it may have a new owner who no longer has the books.

If you know of the current owner of #78 or might have seen the books, please go to the H-E-T Forum:  for Joyce's contact information.  If you're unable to open the posting (the H-E-T Forum is only open to Club members), please contact me at (delete xxx before sending).  Thank you.
--Jon Battle

Walt and his #78 midget racer, with chauffeur Roger Bailey, after setting the speed record for the Flying Mile on the sand at Daytona Beach.


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