Eddie Edmunds

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Next to Clifford, Edmunds was probably the only producer of aftermarket intakes and heads (although there are some Ausssie and recent head efforts).  Anyway, he apparently was quite an interesting guy.  Here is some info about him.  I still own 2 Hudson NOS Edmunds intakes, one 2x2 for the H8 and one 2x1 for the H6, both are beautiful pieces!



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    This link is fantastic, so much history by person.

    There were aluminum intakes for Essex 27 and  29.  
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    Strange that they put his SSN at beginning of article.....
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    Interesting read, thanks for the link.

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    Although Edmunds made some awesome looking parts, I wonder how much engineering and testing actually went into the designs?  The H8 manifold is well balanced with each 2bbl sitting in the right place to feed 4 cylinders equally, however the 2x1 6 cylinder (which apparently there were at least 4 different ones for the Hudson 6, 2x1, 2x2 wide 2x2 narrow, and 3x1) the 1bbl carbs each dump right into cylinders 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, while cylinders 1 and 6 have a long dog leg to feed into them.  The Hudson Twin H is very well designed as the runners are nicely rounded and the two carbs feed each 3 cylinders not perfectly but pretty well.
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    Here's the rare triple-single Edmunds Custom on the 308 in my '47, way back when.
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    Looks pretty well balanced. How'd it run?
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    It ran fine. The race team I got it from had installed some really nice ball bearing connectors for the carbs, and some nice fuel tubing as well.  And it's hard to see in the pic, but there was an aluminum finned hi-comp head topside.  It certainly surprised a few Olds 88s!
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    My 308 Engine with Edmunds Head and intake , Clifford headers, 700R Trans mustang rear end.  
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    Looks great!

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    This one was advertised in the current issue of Hemmings.  Someone in Arizona responded before I did...

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    The following is a post my longtime friend Rudy Bennett asked me to post. Rudy and the Boys have been active in Hudson racing for many decades,   

    The attached pictures are of 1 of 2 GIBSON BINKS Aluminum, Intake manifolds that were shipped to JACK CLIFFORD many years back  by CLIVE GIBSON.  Clive is a well known Australian racing mechanic and driver.  His records were posted using Hudson cars and engines on dirt track,  Drag and Boat racing . He and  Mr. BINKS designed and manufactured speed equipment for HUDSON Powered Speed boats and Automobiles from the 1930s all the way into the1950- 60s.

    Years ago, Mr. BOB RUPP who was living in CLOUD CROFT N.M. at the time told me about a 308 engine in his shed that had a GIBSON ALUMINUM. 2 PIECE CYLINDER head  and a Gibson-Binks. aluminum intake with 2-2-jet GM. Rochester carburetors on it and a very small vibration damper on the front of the crank shaft. Mr.  Rupp sold me that engine. He got the engine and a 1950 Rusty old  Hudson  from a man that removed it from a Speed boat (that explains  the very small damper on the front of crankshaft as the engine in some boats drive off the front end and a flywheel on the back). After purchasing the engine, I sold the 2 piece aluminum head to RANDY MAAS I think it is still with the MAAS family.

    I used the Intake and special headers on a 1954 2 door Hudson JET set up for street and drag strips equipped with a very HOT 308 engine backed by a beefed up GM 4 speed HYDAMATIC. I out ran lots and lots of V8 POWERED cars from the 1950s--60s

    Some of you old timers reading this, will remember reading about me and my cars wins in some of the magazines of the time. This is my history with multiple carburetor special manifolds. I just wanted to show off the Gibbs- BINKS. Manifold to add to the other vintage other aluminum manifolds seen on the HUDSON  FORUM  

    Rudy Bennett El Paso Texas

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    Very impressive! It would be great to reproduce that manifold!  Manifolds are much cheaper tooling-wise than heads since there are no water passages to worry about.
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    The rest of the RUDY BENNETT - CLIVE GIBSON story.... see the attached 
    This document is posted on my website... free since 1998 for use by HUDSON OWNERS
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    Edmunds 8 cylinder head and intake! The person I bought my 6 cylinder head says that he has a lead on a "Edmunds 8 cylinder head and intake" . I will post here the details and how much it will be listed for .
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    I have an Edmunds 8 intake but never found a head.  I have seen photos and they do look great.
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    I definitely would love to have an Edmunds 8 cylinder head & intake for my 8 cylinder engine!
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    Good Morning BigSKY were you  able to get in touch with the person selling the Edmunds head and Intake?
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    For Sale ! Edmunds Customs Hudson Straight 8 Cylinder Head & 2x2 High Rise Intake. Got dozens of detail pics. If interested please send message $2200

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