1934,35,36 Hudson or Terraplane fender lights

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Could someone who has these fender lights on there car tell me were the wire that comes out of the mounting bolt goes after the light is mounted on the fender I would like to know if it mounts to something before it enters the engine bay at some point I am adding these lights to my car and have no idea were the wire goes or what holds it inplace under the fender thanks for any help.


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    From what I see the fender light wire goes across to the headlight wires and gets bundled with those before going through into the engine bay, I'm using 5 core trailer flex. There is no support for the fender light wire going across to the headlight, originally that was an armoured wire so it was fairly stiff. I don't like the idea of the fender light wire flapping in the breeze and am thinking of methods of reinforcing it or supporting it.
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    You could get some type of wire retainer ,or some other type of loops. clean up to bare metal in places under the fender where you want them, make sure your retainers are clean and JB Weld them to the underside of the fender.  I'm sure that would do the trick. Just make sure that the wire is free in the holder.  Good luck.
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    Rocket, Tom, I've worked out a way of supporting the fender light wire.
    The headlight wires are usually routed straight from the base of the headlight to the wiring hole in the fender. 
    I'm going to first take mine from the headlight to the fender light, I'll mount a cable clip at the base of the fender light.
    The fender light wire (I'm going to use the fender lights as indicators) can join the headlight wires at that point.
    The 5 wire bundle (high beam, low beam, parking light, fender light, earth) will be OK to span from the fender light to the wiring hole in the fender.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 409Senior Contributor
    Hi Bob if you get a chance could you post a picture how you did this thanks Tom.
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    My survivor

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