Well I am surprised my car is for sale in the UK!

50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,031Senior Contributor
While looking for some interior photos for my '54 I found out it is for sale in the UK!  Same photos and for less than I bought it for!  Someone should have told me.  



  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,162Administrator
    Is this simply a "cars for sale" website that's "padding" their inventory by harvesting random car ads (some, obviously, obsolete)?  Have you tried responding to the seller with an inquiry....to find out who the seller is?  Is this the identical wording of the ad which you responded to originally, to buy the car?
  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 884Administrator
    "Car-from-UK.com is an online vehicle listing service that connects car buyers with sellers. We are not car dealers. Any listing information about a particular car comes directly from the seller-not us."

    I'd report it as a scam 
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 492Expert Adviser
    It's a dubious site and Jon's assessment seems correct.

  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,031Senior Contributor
    I did put a question on where the car is located.  I am planning to make an offer on the car today and see what happens.  I bought the car in 2016 but not on ebay, but from the HET club website.  The wording is almost word for word what it was on ebay, but the price is significantly less.
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 492Expert Adviser
    Some cars on there were actually sold years ago on other websites.
     I'm sure there's some sort of scam going on, but if the cars aren't for sale or have been sold elsewhere I can't work out what the benefit is to the scammer.
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,031Senior Contributor
    I tried to make an offer but it says put in the number on "a" picture.  The anti-scam number it says is not correct and I don't see any numbers on the photos.  So basically this is click bait it seems.
  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 884Administrator
    There also seems to be Russian language characters on some of the icons as well.

    Definitely one to avoid!

  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,031Senior Contributor
    I saw that Paul.  Looks very suspicious

  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 407Expert Adviser
    Dont go there at all they will be after your details E mail ect could be a front for ID theft
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