'54 Coupe interior color

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I am getting ready to gut the awful interior in my '54 Coupe.  The car is red with black top.  I was wondering if anyone has a similar color scheme for that exterior.  I am guessing they were mostly red?  I am considering red and grey and red and black.


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    The original interiors in the Hudsons are best identified by using the Hudson salesman sample books.  There should be access via the Hudson Club Library.  Potentially there may be a member who owns one of these books.  Other than Convertibles and Hollywood’s  I have not seen an original red interior in a Hornet coupe.  The majority of the Roman Bronze cars had brown interiors. Good luck with your search.
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    My 54 coupe was originally red with a black top too. It had a brown interior. I will be using red and white seats that Jack Clifford took out of a 54 Hollywood back in the 60's, until I decide what I really want.
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    Hi 54 , I have an account with Acme.

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