Need help to identify parts in '53 hornet engine bay

Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 183Member
hey guys - i just saw this '53 hornet sedan for sale

- i noticed two items in the engine compartment that i haven't seen before - one looks like an overflow tank, mounted on the passenger side fender, near the firewall - the other looks like a power brake booster, mounted on the firewall on the driver's side - this hornet looks pretty original and untouched to me

- any info on these two items would be most appreciated - thanks!


  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 139Member
    Yes, brake booster on driver's side and washer tank on passenger.
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 1,025Expert Adviser, Member
    The black tank on the fender is a vacuum tank for the power brakes.  May not be all original, I don't think Hudson offered power brakes until 1954.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 586Member
    The vacuum booster and the power brake unit are from a 54 Hudson
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 586Member
    There is a washer bottle too, near the radiator, passenger side.
  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 183Member
    thanks very much - very helpful!
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