Cloth that is used to wrap the leaf springs

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I would like to replace the cloth that is wrapped around the leaf springs on my 1937 super 6 sedan. What is this product and is it available?


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    The car manufacturer of Bentley used a leather strip which had press studs along both sides you'd slip it under and clip it shut along the leaf springs. Most motor trimmers could whip up something in leather or material (although material will remain wet and will cause rust) just ensure you have a film of grease on the leaf springs prior to clipping on the leather. It was an optional item for cars using muddy roads in the 1910s,1920s and fell out of favour once roads were sealed in the late 1930s cheers ken 
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    They're called spring gaiters if you want to google for them.
    A 1927 car parts catalog says "Made of best quality box calf and lined with felt which spreads the grease along the entire spring. Protects the springs against rust and dirt, gives the automobile a gentle and comfortable ride, and prevents spring screech and wear. The gaiters are edge sewn in the shape of the spring and equipped with sewn-in 'pockets' for the spring clamps which gives an excellent fit. Equipped with Alemite grease cups and strong hooks for lacing on." (my translation).
    By 1947 a book says they're made of synthetic leather or sheet metal.
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    Alternatively, you can wrap them with grease bandages.
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