Using 2 stage 2 bbl on Twin H

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With the current threads on manifolds and multicarbs I got to wondering if anyone had used a couple of Weber 2 stage 2 barrels on a Twin H or Edmunds manifold?  I had one of the 32/36s on my Subaru back in the 80s and it was a real wakeup for it, replacing the tiny Hitachi single barrel.  These are available in 32/36 and 38/38mm bores with a mulitude of jets available.  I have tried to see what the Carter 1bbls CFM were and it is difficult as one barrel and two barrels CFMs are measured differently than 4bbls.  The best I could find is that the Carters are about 200 to 250 CFM, A carter 2bbl is about 450CFM.  The Weber 2 stages, 32/36 about 300 - 350 and the 38/38 about 400 to 450.  There are plenty of 2bbl to 1bbl adapters around that one could do this mod fairly easily and cheaply.  

I would think however, someone must have already tried this since these 2 stage 2bbls have been around quite a while


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    I was tempted to go Weber on my stovebolt Chevy, but found a Holley for cheap. Other stovebolt guys I've talked to really like those Webers Langdon sells. A stovebolt is much smaller than the 308, but I'm a little tempted to try them on my Twin H.
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    A 38/38 might well be plenty large enough, they use them for racing the big 6 GMC at stock 302 cu in.  If they are about 400 cfm each that is way big enough.  If 3 x 1 manifolds were around three of them would be pretty cool.

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    Hmm. Tempting...
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    I ran 3 of the 32/36 Webers on a 292 bored to 301. They were easy to set up and ran trouble free. They made the 292 come alive. I ran them on a pulling tractor.  I have thought about trying  one on a Jet.  But if it ain't broke ,don't fix it.  
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