Step down car and 308 engine thank you

I wish to thank everyone that has helped me to learn about my 48 Super Six Club coup and 308 engine.

Cole at Wildrick's and Ken Cates' Hudson Step down information site who helped me identify what kind of car that I had purchased from the Junkyard in Glenrock WY. I have a 48 Hudson Super Six Club coup, assembled in October of 47, the first month of production of the new body style.

Cole at Wildrick's and lance Walker in NC helped me identify my 308 engine. I have a 55 cast iron engine, that was purchased from JC Whitney.

I have purchased a lot of the the either missing parts from my car from Al in Arizona, Ron in Nebraska, Lance in NC, to get my car to square 1, to start the restoration of my car.

There have been people on this site that have explained more things to me that i can ever thank. From flat head pistons are the best for a flat head engine, to the best kinds of carburetors to use with what kind of intake and exhaust. I am using a Clifford Performance intake along with the matching Clifford Performance header. I am still thinking on the possible use of the Vintage Speed 6pack intake.

I have a long ways to go before my Hudson is legally on the road again since it was last registered in 1957.

Again, thank you for everyone helping me to learn about a rather incredible car, that i now own.


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