Engine Stand for Hudson

I’m wondering what experience others have had with engine stands to use with a Hudson engine?  In particular for use with a straight 8-254 or big 6-308.  

I’ve seen strength tests done on different stands & they all exceeded their ratings by a bunch.  I need to get my 49 254 engine on a stand & take it apart to evaluate condition.  It was supposed to have been rebuilt but from what I can see with just the head off it was half-donkey’d!


  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 146Member

    What you need is a 1200 pound engine stand. This kind of stand is made in a U shape, and not in the T shape that is sold everywhere. I bought mine, years ago from Mac Tools. Check with Mac Tools or Cornwell Tools or Snap On Tools or Matco Tools. I've set more than a thousand pounds on my stand, more times than i can remember, where it still spins like a dream, with that much weight on it and is easy to spin around.

  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 755Senior Contributor
    Thanks Wookie.  I agree a U or V shaped stand seems like it would be more stable than the inexpensive T shaped ones.  Although it’s hard to find something with good reviews.  Original I wasn’t thinking of a stand with a crank handle (gear reduction) to turn it over.  While that looks appealing I wonder if it will be more frustrating that it takes forever to rotate back & forth?

    Anyone have good or bad experiences with their engine stands & long engines they can share?
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    I'm using one from harbor Freight with a one ton capacity. It has four wheels on the ground and is very stable. I have had fully assembled Hornet, a fully assembled Hudson eight, and a fully assembled 429 Ford. The legs on this one can fold up when not in use, so it takes up less space when stored. I'm very happy with it, and would buy it again.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 755Senior Contributor
    So your using the top one of these two?  I like the bottom stand but am concerned about it not being able to get inside of the engine hoist legs to mount the engine to the stand & back off again.   

  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 586Member
    I'm using the second stand (2000 pound capacity). Mt hoist looks like the one pictured above, and also came from H.F. To get around the issue you are talking about, I mount the adjustable black part of the engine stand to the engine, then slide that into the base. it will not be seated all the way in, because of the width of the stand not fitting between the legs of the hoist deep enough, but once there is a little slack in the lifting chain, you can slide it in that last inch or so before you take the chain off. I always make sure the round tubing has been greased up good before I slide it together too.
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    It’s kinda surprising they aren’t “engineered” to work together better, after all they “need” to work together better than they currently do.  

    Has anyone used a geared engine stand like this? 

    I’ve heard good & bad about the use of the standard type where a pin/bolt locks it in position.  So me say that once turned they are hard to get the bolt/pin locked into place. 
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    Big Sky I have experience with the stand like you show from Summit as well as the Pittsburg automotive (HF) stand.  I switched to the 2 ton stand that is shown and Dany uses too after several tipping incidents with the two aforementioned stands.  I will NOT turn an assembled hudson big block engine on any stand with out a safety chain and slight tension on my engine hoist. One near tip should have taught me to do this the third time the engine flipped the stand and crashed to
    the floor. Fortunately for me I was not injured. A chip in the concrete floor or my garage reminds me of the safe means needed to turn these 
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    If your using them for storage of an engine off the floor or maybe some mild work or detailing, the 1000# unit works fine but I place a 2x4 under the front of engine down to the engine stand. Just my $.02
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 755Senior Contributor
    I definitely don’t want an engine to tip over so the 2x4 support & use of a hoist are good ideas.  

    I’m thinking the decision is pretty clear that I will need to buy the 2,000lb unit.  
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