Fuel pump replacement

Hello, I am new to the club. I have a 1929 sedan with a super six and would like to know what 6 volt electric pump works best. Carburetor looks correct and looks like it was rebuilt a while ago no cork. This car has been sitting for several years and I am going to bring it back to life and drive it. I would like to put the electric pump in to get it running then tackle the vacuum part after I see how the engine runs. Fuel tank is cleaned, fuel line being replaced, carburetor being cleaned. The car had an eclectic fuel pump on it when I got it but I am not using because it is old and had gas in it for way to long and not sure if it was correct. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,359Senior Contributor
    For old carbies you need a very low pressure fuel pump, this 6V one fits the bill. I've installed one on a Linn logging truck with a 600 cu in Waukesha engine so supply volume for a super 6 engine won't be a problem. And another one on a 36 Terraplane. They are made in New Zealand, there will be a distributor in your part of the world.
    The RRP is in NZ dollars.
    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,048Member
    Whatever pump you use, put in a regulator as well. My 29 will only take about 2-1/2 PSI before it floods the float bowl.
  • PLloydPLloyd Posts: 4Member
    Great thanks for the info, I will let you know how I make out. 
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Posts: 1,400Senior Contributor
    Why not use the original Vacuum tank? Gas will come at the correct pressure & they work well & reliably when set up correctly. I've been using one on my 28 Essex Coupe for most of my 50+ year ownership.

    Dave Y New Zealand
  • PLloydPLloyd Posts: 4Member
    54coupe said:
    Whatever pump you use, put in a regulator as well. My 29 will only take about 2-1/2 PSI before it floods the float bowl.

  • PLloydPLloyd Posts: 4Member
    Does anyone know where to get carburetor rebuild kits , really looks like I would need gaskets and maybe a float. I looked on line and was going to start to call around but thought the club could help me with a quicker search. My 29 appears to have the original carb. Also once I get this running I would try the vacuum tank as suggested  but the past owner has disconnected it so my first thing to do is get the car running and then tackle the other items. There are always a 1000 things to fix but to get the engine running and see if any other issues pop up was my thought. This car has been sitting for I believe 20 years.   
  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    You might try Hal Houghton, Classic Preservation Coalition, 518.374.5078. He repairs Stewart vacuum pumps (tanks). I found him a year or so ago. But I made my own gaskets, and fixed the float with solder. Works so far for me.

    BTW, I put an in-line 6V gas valve below the vacuum tank to shut the gas off to the carb when the ignition is off so it wouldn't continue to drip (the carb float valve just does this.) Got the valve from one of the many Model A suppliers on line. Tiny and not noticeable.
  • MikeSheridanMikeSheridan Posts: 174Member
    Brandon Wight in the HET club rebuilds the vacuum tanks like new.
  • andrewpandrewp Posts: 4Member
     For what its worth, I have the fuel flow electric pump on mine and it works well.. having said that though, its not using an original carb. The quality of the pump is excellent and the support from the manufacturer was great
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