1940 hudson needs fuel/temp guages to operate on 12 volts ...

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hello all, 
its been a while since i've been around but i am still working on the 40 hudrod as much as i can (thanks covid...)
we got the new 350 hipo chevy installed, started and tuned up (3 deuces on a hirise..) ... power disc brakes are redone and safe ... new wiring harness installed ... shifter installed with neutral safety switch and reverse lights (all these safety and creature comforts ... i must be getting old .. )
anyway ...
i would like to retain my original fuel guage/temperature guage pod AND have them work correctly with the new power train and 12 volt system ... is there a preferred company that you would use to have these items reworked ? ...
or should i stay with stewart warner guages under the dash ? ...
let me know your thoughts


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    There is there are 12-6 volt power regulators that can be used for input power.  But!  The senders must follow the input requirements for them.  Consult the maintenance manual for the characteristics and the select sensors accordingly.  Good luck 
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    classic instruments in MI 800-575-0461 ask for Ron Hanna I have another place but I have to look for 
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    This is the other place I was talking about they are great they do clocks and guages I had them do some work for me and I could not beleave how good it turned out and the cost was great to they are D&M Restoration.com phone number 864-254-9989 ask for Mike.
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    Thanks for the info ... I'll work on the problems this week and check back ... 
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    hello there,
    i have checked with the people suggested but cost for their services was too much at this time ... looked at a bunch of other ideas and after a bit of testing, believe i have found a working solution for the original fuel guage to accurately work with an aftermarket sending unit ...

    parts used ... vdo universal 12v fuel level sending unit # 226 008 .. (brand new / came with the stainless steel tank so i figured it was a good starting point) ... and an online purchase of an electronic 12v/6v 3 amp reducer (merit automation) ... jumper wires and clips

    wire the 12v battery to the reducer per instructions and feed the 6 volt line to the guage (it will power both fuel and temp guages) .... wire the sending unit to the output side (lower post) ... ground the hudson guage, sending unit and reducer to neg battery ...

    bask in the awesomeness ... Ooooops

    the guage was working perfectly ... backwards ... full was empty/empty was full (6v system was positive ground ?) ... i flipped the float and used the backside of the sending unit ... problem solved ... with a bit of tweeking on the tabs that limit the float movement, i was able to get the fuel level needle to land on the red dots for full and empty ... the white dot/arrow on the guage face @ 1/3 tank was where we usually ran out of fuel ... i feel good that another item is off the to do list

    so now it's time to address the temp guage ... was quoted $75 for a 1940 style sending unit which seems a bit expensive but i need it if i want the guage to work properly ...

    is there an alternative ? ... ford, chevy, dodge, etc. ? ... i'll try anything but i'm sure that i cannot "tweek the tabs" on a temp sending unit ...  :D  ...

    seems like i will need the right one ... the quest continues

    be well and stay safe


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