31 Essex flywheel

I just purchased a 1931 Hudson Essex Super Six and after trying to start it, pulled the starter and see that there are several teeth missing.  Does anyone have an idea where to get a flywheel for a 31 Essex Super Six?  


  • GumpY159GumpY159 Posts: 14Member
    I have one from a 29 or 30 Essex (do not know which) in rough “boat anchor” condition.  It appears to have all the teeth and the clutch face is covered with grease or old fluid so may need only minimal resurfacing.  If you have any dimensions from yours it would be helpful.  Take a look at the pics, ask any questions.   Yours for the cost of shipping.  It and the clutch have been in the shed for about 40 years.  
  • HansHans Posts: 120Senior Contributor
     Flywheel  ring gear for 1930 and '31 are the same.  1932 E and Hudson 6 may be the same too.

    1929 is smaller in diameter.

    I do not have my directory from .Hershey a year ago, handy

    but I did purchase a 1930 Essex ring gear and they had more available.

  • rkaufman62rkaufman62 Posts: 5Member
    GumpY159, I will compare when I pull mine.  Do you think it will work okay in that condition?  I will check the measurements and get back to you soon.
  • rkaufman62rkaufman62 Posts: 5Member
    Hans, thank you for the information.  I will know more once I can take measurements.
  • tedted Posts: 34Member
    I have a complete  30 engine  transmisson  that turns  pulled out of a car 2 years ago.   Rear different axles  front axles  steering box  brake shoes available  if you're looking  . Carb air filter  and  starter  to
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