head gasket

pedro31168pedro31168 Posts: 9Member
hi everyone ive noticed a little weep of oil on the head gasket.
where can i buy a new one . thanks in advance 
1951 hudson commadore model number 6a       43410
engine number 43410
has 262 on top of head to the front ,to the rear of head 304821  2   cwc  flat head steel .


  • pedro31168pedro31168 Posts: 9Member
    im in the united kingdom .
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 169Member
    Well there is no oil in the head at all, so maybe it’s just old nasty coolant? Dale Cooper and maybe Lance Walker in the US should have a new gasket. Not sure about the UK.  Also try to re-torque the head and see if it helps. I’ve also used a good stop leak added to the coolant to slow the leak, hopefully it’s not going into the cylinders. 
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 425Expert Adviser
    I think the Railton Owners Club have them but you will have to become a member to participate in their spares scheme. It might be worthwhile as, like me, you're in the UK.
  • pedro31168pedro31168 Posts: 9Member
    thanks for your advice chaps.it is only a nothing wet patch, but i no its there so will order a gasket. whats the tourqe on the head bolts please as will give that a check for now.
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