Remote brake boosters

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There have been a few remote brake boosters like the one Richard D has used and others have used the Bendix styled Hydrovac type units that were used in the 50s by Studebaker and others, plus on trucks and other applications even still today.  One of the issues these earlier Hydrovacs has was they were single circuit and using them with dual MC was tricky at best. Some used the booster only on the front brakes, still others have used two units.  I had read a post over at HAMB that a fellow specializing in Willys was trying to get the dual circuit types from Europe to sell to hot rodders.  I contacted him and he said he was unable to get a minimum order to bring them into the country.  At the same time MP Brakes are selling these, but the mark up makes them tough to swallow at about $800!  I tried contacting the company in Spain to see if I could buy directly from them and they forwarded my inquiry back to MP.  I then did some more looking and found a place in the UK that sells two types of double circuit units for a much more reasonable price than MP.  If you are interested here is the info. plus a youtube video on their compact unit.  I have not researched what the shipping and duty would be however.

youtube video:


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    If anyone is interested in one of these let me know.  I am probably going to order one for my Studebaker truck project.  They are $382 plus shipping from the UK.
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