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I recently had to move a 202 twin H engine out of storage.  My Dad picked this motor up about 15 years ago for the 54 Jet and he was told it had a recent rebuild.  I removed the the plugs and the valves appear to be new.  I also ran a boroscope down the fill tube and the pan also looks clean.  My question are how do you tell if this a pre or post Hash engine and what are the differences to twin H linkage and oil pan.  I think it is a Jet engine since the water pump shaft is short.  The engine numbers are as follows.

M12075 ABA (on pad by thermostat)

5325083 (on head by the 202)

J245 (to the left of fill tube)

Engine is also painted grey.  



  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 316Expert Adviser
    Looks like the engine was cast on October 24th 1955 based in the info on Ken Cates site.  Now I just need to determine the differences in oil pans, twin H linkages and air cleaners.

    To translate Casting Codes - Dates are determined by the last digits - thus D122 translates as April 12th 1942 or 52. C234 is March 23rd, 1954. (Single digit for year) Month is determined by the first letter - A = Jan., B = Feb, C = Mar., D = Apr., etc. This is true for all CWC (Campbell Wyant and Cannon) engines. The "unknown "foundry uses the full date, 1-15-54 no code involved. Translation of date codes = MO/DAY/YEAR

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    53-4 had a rear sump pan. 55-6 was a center sump.
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    Thanks for the information 54coupe.  It looks like this one is set up to run in a jet as it also has the rear sump pan.  It also looks like the previous owner installed a 12 volt starter and generator on it as well.
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    No modifications need to be done to install the 55-56 202 in a jet other than changing the water pump. I have pictures if needed.
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    Do you still have this engine?
  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 316Expert Adviser
    Yes I still have it.
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