Charlotte Motor Speedway looking for a Hudson Hornet for an event Oct 23rd

akcoopakcoop Posts: 334Administrator
The Event Manager for the Speedway is looking for a running, driving Hudson Hornet for a media event on Friday October 23rd. Vehicle would be driven at a very slow speed for approx 1/2 mile.  It is one day only.

The event is a concert.  The Avent Brothers are playing a concert on the backstretch under the BIG TV on the mile and 1/2 speedway. Its a drive in concert.   This is their second event. During the first we got them a 1965 Ford Galaxie that they drove from victory lane on the frontstretch around the apron of NASCAR one and two to the stage..  A drone follows the vehicle and the image is displayed on the big TV.. Fans really got a kick out of the "band entry" that way so we thought we would do again.  The band asked for a Hudson Hornet.  The band knows how to drive manual.

We would secure the vehicle in the NASCAR garage prior and immediately post event and owner is welcome to stay for the concert .. There are no funds available for a rental payment

Ed Fausel -  980-258-1094


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