Cam Shaft

I need some words of wisdom.

I'm about to give up trying to get the cam shaft out so I can make a thrust washer for the flange on the sprocket end. When I rotate and pull, it binds. Repeated effort with carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner, power steering fluid, oil, anything - does not help. The most I can displace it is 0.020" and then two hands can barely turn it. The only improvement is skinned knuckles.  

If I leave it alone, the cam rollers are about 0.1" off center. They have been this way a very long time as evidenced by the wear pattern on the cam lobes and rollers. Now, the cam flange rides on the aluminum block. There is no wear ridge there. The cam thrust button is still pushing on the cam.

The shaft will turn, but not really very freely. Can be turned with one hand on the timing sprocket ok, but not with an index finger like I'm used to.

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