Rear Suspension Upgrade

Has anyone ever encountered a rear axle Watt's linkage installation to keep the drive train centered on the frame during high lateral loads as encountered with off-road driving? I need to do something to strengthen the 1928 Hudson sedan because of the future travel over 5,400 miles of very bad primitive road. Remember that the Hudson does not even have a Panhard bar. I have found several types of kits, but there are problems with each.

1.    One 'universal' kit uses a spider bolted on to the differential housing. The part in the kit is the wrong diameter for our very large unit and uses welded fittings on the frame. I don't like the welding to the frame.

2.    There is a 'bridge' type with welding on to the axle tubes, and I feel that is quite dangerous to consider.

3.    There is the 'Mustang Racing' type with clamp-on pivot points, but the truss does not fit the Hudson's frame width. This is the most promising as everything is bolt on.

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