29 Hudson Head Removal


Well, I thought that I was pretty well wrapped up once all the exhaust leaks were fixed, but the motor now has a leaking head gasket.  The shop doing the work thought it would be helpful to tighten up the nuts holding the head in place and managed to snap off one of the studs.  They hoped they could drill it and coax the stud out with an easy-out, but to no avail.  See photo.  The little prong sticking up from where the stud is supposed to be is what is left of the easy-out.  

So now, unfortunately, the head has to come off to replace the gasket as well as the broken stud.  The service manual gives the general outline of this procedure, but I wondered if those of you who have been through this process could give any guidance to those of us that have not.  Id rather not learn everything the hard way.  

Thanks a ton,  


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