Found the Perfect Thermostat for the Super Six Engine

Evening guys!

Have been looking around for a 180 degree thermostat with a 1.5" flange that will just fit inside the upper radiator port. Came across this

one at O'Reilly Auto Parts at a cost of $8.99 each. The flange diameter is virtually equal to the upper radiator inside diameter. The upper part of the flange

is an rubber o-ring approx  3/16" thick which sits on a metal backing flange thats just about 1/16 wider than the rubber and snugly fits into the radiator with the metal flange acting as an end stop. The attaching radiator hose goes over the thermostat holding it in place as does the water flow plus its invisible.

Thought I'd share this if anyone has been wanting to install a thermostat.

Here's the web site, a picture of the thermostat and its specs.

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