1924 motor

Im rebuilding my 1924 motor. Made the 2 finger brass camshaft backthrust washer. Made 2 copper large washers for the top of the block.Replaced the valve guides because of wear and necking. Modified my G clamp to compress the valve springs - plated and extended the bottom part 50mm because of the manifold studs. Was looking forward to grinding the conrods so I could install them from the top. This meant I had to take off 3mm off each side, so I didnt proceed. Used an electronic scale to measure the weight of the pistons and rods. I took 5 grams off the heaviest conrods. I have heard of bent rods so I checked the straight casting lines on the rods. New 20 thou oversize pistons. Crank grind and new white metal bearings. 25 new head studs from the UK. Have rebuilt a 1929 gearbox for the motor. Its amazing how many hours it all takes. Made easier by comments shared on this site. So thanks. 

I recently took my distributor to a person advertising he can rebuild them, even installing electronics using Sun machines. He had several different 1920s Hudson distrib on his shelf for parts. He knew his trade. I found out that he was the son in law of a well known Hudson man, and my Terra was previously one of this mans cars. I walked away with an original cheap NOS cap, points, original condenser, rota. He gets a box of 500 or so NOS misc items every month from overseas. When you look around there are a lot of interesting talented people out there to help us restore our cars. Barry

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