1929 Hudson Model R (Early Series) update and parts list....

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    Attached, Hopefully in order are 9 photos and 1 video, which will make some sense after reading the following novel.

    I have removed the Head on my 29 coupe in order to see what shape she was in, much to my delight there was no rust ( with the exception of the coolant passages) at all and only some carbon build up. this assured me that my guess on a seized distributor/water impeller/ generator shaft was the problem, alas I was correct but with penetrating oil and a heat gun I got the pump halves off enabling the shaft to spin so I could reassemble and test for movement in the cam shaft, which I have.

    The movement had a few very slight drag areas when moving the hand crank at a below idel speed but after a few days of Marvel Mystery Oil and some other Johnson Garage concoctions they are no longer a problem... Oh I might mention that there is no scoring either in the cylinder walls, some light brown discoloration in 3 and 4 I think it was but still bright and smooth in all.

    As you can see I do have some light pitting, I assume its just from use but I'll let you guys tell me.... when I removed the head I noticed a less than 1/2 inch section of gasket missing between the no. 1 and 2 cylinders, which probably lead to the little bit of extra pitting compared to the other cylinders, perhaps a blown head gasket... or maybe just a bad install, who knows.....?

    Some of the guys in the AACA group say that I need to replace everything and do a complete tear down of the engine/ trans and buy new pistons etc.... I don't quiet understand why since everything looks so damn good in the engine, maybe the rings valves etc.... What do you guys think? the cars only got 40,000 miles on it and I have heard of guys with 100,000 running original stuff though, not "goosing it" ;). I want to do right by the car but I'm not going to be cruising to the moon any time soon and its not going to Barret Jackson to be over priced with everything else... I digress....

    I am in need for quiet a few parts...
    1. Steering wheel or repair if possible or even worth it.... everywhere I called says ( we have no molds)
        1a. center lever outer ring
         1b. Top bakelite? display ring
          1c. Middle lever or repair ( I only have half )
    2. Driver side rain gutter
    3. Vacuum canister and respective components
    4. Source of new inside handles, I have all but one is broken ( inner window winder I think but not by me)
    5. Front shock absorbers x2, at the very least the model number OR an acceptable like replacements.
    6. Cowl trim,  I will just install some brass plated ones from a 28 cowl that I am purchasing from Mr.Hamson.
    7. Appropriate horn, I think its an EA model F if I'm not mistaken ( I am capable of rebuilding one )
    8. Center Truck handle backing plate ( perhaps I can just mill the lip off the back of a door one....?
    9. Colum drop,Geoff Clark makes them new but if anyone has one that can get me by I'd appreciate it.
    10. Front Visor
      10a. Front Visor Attachment hardware
    11. **MAYBE** a new front windshield frame, mine looks iffy but I haven't tried to clean it up yet....
    12. Plans for wood work, I think Jack said he had some somewhere, I'm not there yet but what the hay..
    13. Gas Oil Gauge, I have one but its kind of apart and I am not to savvy with electronics, yesterdays or todays.
    14. Interior patterns so the upholster cant milk me the money I don't have lol, I do have one door panel left but its a whisper from death.
    15. Last but not least I need the Marvel heat riser AND ( the elbow that goes from it to the manifold), I did find one but the owner wants me to buy a whole engine for it even though he has an extra....... ug! On that note I'll probably be going with a Carter/Ball BB1 I have read alot of stories of $250 carbs with warped bowls or continual leaks.... I think they have outlived their pot metal lifes...


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