Re: 29 Front/Read Bearings & Races

My Lord, the Timken cups are over $150 each, these are just the races, the bearings are at least $100.

Time for a substitute! Has anyone found a newer much lower cost substitutes?

Thanks Jack

Timken  #412A

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Hello Jack,

          Back when I painted my wooden wheels I use a wheel stand from our Horseless Carriage Club.

This stand made many trip through the members to paint the old wooden wheels.

It have a cone that fit over the race front and back to keep the paint out and you could spin the wheel

To get all sides painted on the spokes..

The paint shop should of covered this part of the hub to keep paint out of the race..

Any way here are the numbers I used to replace my wheels bearings..

I have a parts book for my car and the numbers they list are still good today.

Here are the numbers for these bearings..

Inner bearing cone   Timken  #415

Inner bearing cup     Timken  #412A

Outer bearing cone   Timken  #315  

Outer bearing cup     Timken  #312

You will find these large bearing are on the expensive side.

I did replace mine and I think the inter bearing was around $50.00..

The cup is not so expensive..   I hope this helps you.


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