Re: Front Wheel Seals.

Thanks Bob! 
I bought the rear, pinions and other felts years back and I went to mount one of the front wheels thinking I had the fiber ones for the front and .....wrong. So my burning question. Thanks Again!

Picked up two off Amazon of you recommendations. I've got the wood spokes too. THat's what I'm working this summer. Strip, Sand, Sand, then West System Epoxy on the spokes and their inserts. More sanding, then Epoxy primer, more sanding, then paint, pin stripe and clear. Never ends! 

SKF # 20109

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Hello Jack,

ON the front wheel seals I use  SKF # 20109.   No machine work needed.

On the rear wheels you need to do some machine work..  I installed a modern

Seal there also.   Here is a picture of the seal I used.

My car has the wooden wheels and I am not sure if the wire wheels are the same.

Bob Hopkins Jr..

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