alum. bodied early 20s Hudsons

My friend Buzz, who just bought a '20 H touring limousine, took a

magnet to the car. The entire body inc. roof, doors, windshield

frame are all alum. - the hood & fenders are steel.

I opine that it was made for Hudson by Biddle & Smart, he thinks

Hudson built it. Does anyone know? There are no body tags on the

cowl or firewall.

From the firewall dash plate: "Model 12-0 Car No. 82825" for

anyone who is keeping a register of the Super Sixes or '20 Hudsons.

After removal of seats, crawling under the car checking various

things for wear, we conclude the 30 K on odometer the original &

correct mileage on the car (most of the upholstery, if not all, is in

exc. orig. condition inc. all the window shades).

Most of the orig. tools under the RF seat in chauffeur's compartment.

Buzz has taken it out for drives in the 24 hrs. since purchase &

arrival home - it cruises along nicely in the 40-45 mph range, has

exc. power going up hills, however goes around corners with great lean

(he was told this could be attributed to the Westinghouse shocks

which it has).
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