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<< Well, I was able to download it and it looks good on my screen but

let me tell the sad tale of woe that accompanied the actual


First, let me describe my system. I have a Pentium II processor

about 250 MHz and 64Meg of DRAM, plenty of hard drive and a DSL high-

speed internet connection (>100 Mb) and I download and display .pdf

files in the form of catalogs and data sheets almost daily.

(1) Try one: After about 10 minutes, the download had progressed to

the point on page 1 at about the hood line of the convertable in the

picture. System hung up....waited for another 10 and it was

completely frozen. Could not end the task and had to turn power off

(not a "real good" idea with Windows 95). Survived and decided to

try again.

(2) Try two: After 8 minutes, got to the word "forward" and the

number "58" on page 1 and it hung up as in (1). Decided not to

fiddle with the zoom any more. WAS able to end task and restart


(3) Try three: After 8 minutes, page 1 was finished and I got to page

2 where it hung up right about the guy's red shirt. Decided that

leaving zoom alone "might" have helped.

(4) Try four: Finished download after 21 minutes and decided to try

to print the sucker.

(5) Tried to print on HP Laser Printer....memory overload at about

the top of the convertable. Reset...printed the rest of page 1 on

next page. Printed the top of Page 2 down to the paragraph that

starts "The building itself"..reset and print the rest of page 2 on

the next page. All this in black and white. If an inkjet printer

were used, it would take a while to print it but memory overload would probably not occur.

Well, that's progress for you. Try the second article. It is almost all text and B&W drawings. It is a bit smaller and should eliminate that problem. Let me know

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