Super Six elec. info

Gentlemen - in addition to previously posted Stewart & Marvel lit.

found (while looking for something else) that I have a "Delco Service

Manual" copyright 1924. It begins with '19 H Model M, covers '19

Model 0, '20 Model O, '21 Model 0, and the '22 Super Six.

There is a 1 p. illus. + 1 p. of text for ea. model, the text covering

"Motor-Generator Distributor Combination Switch" - this book also

covers the Essex for the same years & all manufacturers in the U.S.

using a Delco system (it is in exc. cond.).

I also have a 15th Edition Dykes, copy. 1930, which covers a wide

range of mech. things pertaining to all cars which I'm sure most of

you are familiar with (in good condition).

Have acquired a scanner, CD Writer, & Adobe Acrobat but have not

attempted to use it yet.
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