Overdrive versus Vacuum Tank

A more pressing problem has come up that I will deal with before

crawling around under the car to see what is going on. I am assuming

that my overdrive has a solenoid since there is a switch that

purports to control the thing. I have verified that the cable from

the T-Handle moves a lever on the transmission...I cannot yet say if

it moves full range. I will take a look under my car to determine

what type, model or version of O.D. I have right AFTER I get the

newly developed gasoline leak around the fitting on the bottom of my

vacuum tank resoldered and safe. It it ain't one thing, it's another.

By the way, I was able to re-attach the spring-loaded cover for my

upper valve oiler simply by pushing it in and realizing that the

coils of the spring inside were left-handed. Turning it a few turns

counterclockwise (anti-clockwise if you are in the Southern

Hemisphere--must be the dreaded Coriolis effect) screwed the thing

right back in and it works like it is supposed to now.

One of my next projects is adjusting and equalizing the brakes. I

can hardly wait for that one.

What the heck is a bowdler cable, anyhow? I never have owned a car

that had a "bowdler" before. Would that be some kind of inside joke

like a double-barrelled bifurcated push pull nitpicker???


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