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Hey Chris Purdum, et al,

I have in my hand a reproduction aluminum one-piece mount for the steering

wheel of a 28 or 29 Hudson. It's beautiful!!! This is the large mount which

holds the steering wheel to the column. I had the repro made in Oregon.

These mounts have a tendency to crack and fall apart at really inopportune


Unlike the original, which was cast, this repro is one piece aluminum,

machined, polished and clear coated.

Anyone wanting one should contact Richard Morton, in Oregon, at


Chris!!! I need to mail this one to Jeff White, but if you want to see it

first, I'll send it to you in SLC; just gimme your mailing address.


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Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 11:04 AM

Subject: [HSS] vacume tank



>Jack Smith rebuilds the vacuum tanks to original specs. I am not

>aware of anyone upgrading to 20th century unless you are talking

>about using an electric fuel pump to feed the tank. In that case I

>can help you.


>I have a photo copy of the Stewart Vacuum Gasoline System instruction

>book and price list of parts that I got from David Knowels some time

>ago. He copied four pages to one so it is a small copy but readable.


>I created a new folder (technical info) and scanned a page of this

>book that shows the inner workings of the tank.


>If after viewing this file you need more info, let me know and I will

>scan more or send you a copy.







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