Re: [HSS] Pictures of my questionable front seat

Tom writes about his front seat:

<< I know I do have to move it back because there is only about 7" between

the front

of the door opening and the front seat. Not enough room to get my feet in

and work the pedals in good order. >>

Tom, these old cars are just like that. My '29 Town Sedan has an

adjustable front seat and even with it all the way back, I just barely fit.

Indeed, I enter and exit through the passenger door just like an old Model T.

Even so, my size 14 quadruple E feet have to be maneuvered in carefully. The

big problem for my feet is that Hudson relocated the handbrake lever from

it's proper location in the center by the shift lever to the left side next

to the door. The '26 Coupe is actually more roomy, and it has a fixed seat.

Folks were smaller back in the twenties, both in stature and in girth than

they are now, and we just have to live with that.

Paul O'Neil,

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