28 crank hole cover

Hey guys,

I located the address for the guy who has my former car, and the 28 crank

hole cover.



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From: Tom Goodman <tgood70779@aol.com>

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Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 1:05 AM

Subject: [HSS] Pictures of my questionable front seat

>I have posted 4 pictures of the front seat in my '28 Hudson 4-Door

>machine in Files under Parts Pictures. Chris and any others,please

>look at them and tell me if the front seat is correct. I know I do

>have to move it back because there is only about 7" between the front

>of the door opening and the front seat. Not enough room to get my

>feet in and work the pedals in good order. Thanks for your advice

>and wisdom in advance.


>Tom Goodman




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