Front Seat (28) Chris P.

Chris, I am just about to be convinced that the "adjustable" front

seat is either a figment of the fertile imagination of the writer of

my official "Instruction Book" or, more likely, applicable to the two-

door model only. Anyhow, I would be very interested in your

observations about adjustability. I have heard that there was a

means of sliding the seat back and forth and that this was controlled

by a big old wing nut somewhere. I am not sure that I have the

correct front seat at all but I am making a temporary means of moving

it back about 5 inches so I can get my big feet in the car at the

same time. I will, if you like, send or post some pictures of the

seat that I have and would appreciate your input about how it

compares with/to your original.


Tom Goodman
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