"Pumping" vis-a-vis Vacuum Tanks

Pete, I probably used the wrong word. My vacuum tank definitely

pulls gas from the tank into its upper chamber and, from there, it

dribbles into the other chamber and then gravity feeds the carb.

Nope, no new-fangled 'lectric fuel pump for me: If the vacuum tank

can't cut it, I guess I will just have to stand out in front and pour

gas in it from a gas can.

My carburetor, by the way, is marked Marvel Type "E". I do tend to

pay for what I buy: If anyone has a replacement for sale, let me

know. Al Saffrahn tried to patch it up for me and did manage to get

it running well enough to get it loaded on the trailer and off but

there is still something wrong in there. I suppose it could be trash

but that is yet to be seen.

Thanks for the advice and words of wisdom, folks.

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