Where has Off-Topic gone

PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 859Administrator
This seems to have generated some angst amongst some forum users including one instance of extremely abusive language aimed at myself by a forum user who has now been banned.

After discussion amongst ALL the Forum Admins and Moderators we decided to close that discussion thread down because there are plenty of other avenues for people outside of this to discuss such things.

Some of the discussions in there were starting to generate an amount of noise as well so it was decided to remove it and leave the Forum having discussions etc. around Hudson and Hudson related things.

This is called the Open Forum because it is just that, open to anyone be they a member of the club or not. We want to encourage open discussion about the Hudson marque and I know that there are members who prefer this forum to the actual club one. That is fine and that is why this forum will remain.

Off Topic discussions however can happen elsewhere.

Thanks for your understanding , continue to discuss , post pictures and enjoy these great cars
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