How to use this tool.



  • akcoopakcoop Posts: 339Administrator
    Are you talking about the twin-h syncing tool with the small red ball?  If yes, you start the engine and let it idle.  Put the uni-sync on the top of the carburetor and quickly note the level of the ball before the engine rpm starts to drag.  Do the same to the other carburetor.  Based on the level you can see the level of vacuum pulling through each carb.  Adjust the carbs so they are balanced.  You will want to do a compression test on all cylinders first to make sure you don't compression issues that will affect it.  There could be other issues that may affect the your results as well such as other vacuum leaks.
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,981Expert Adviser
    The following picture is a screen capture of a page from my website.  TWIN H adjustment on the front page.

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