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What is the safest way to clean chrome fender emblems and inside door handles and window cranks. I have a full set of Commodore window cranks, door handles and the backing cups. I also have a set of 50 Hudson Hornet fender emblems. I have a lot of elbow grease to clean these parts, so what is the safest way to clean 70 year old chrome parts.

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    Chrome is quite soft. They recommend you wash chrome with hot soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to clean groves and corners. If the chrome has rust spots you can gently rub this area with wet steel wool however this will just remove the rust and make it smooth... The chrome would be missing and may show the metal underneath. You can use a chrome polish to protect it to stop rust reappearing.. But nothing but rechroming will restore that rust spot. 
    Some people use folded aluminium to rub on the chrome to shine the chrome as it is softer than chrome. Personally I use a chrome polish paste. Unfortunately chrome isn't brass... Polish chrome or silver plate too much and it will wear off. Better to wash and seal it with polish... Less is more
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    It is available at most grocery stores.
    Add water to make a paste. Spread it around the object and allow it to soak. The main active ingredient is Oxalic acid. It attacks the rust to help dissolve it. 

    It’s a light abrasive but it’s best to scrub lightly and allow the chemical reaction instead of elbow grease. Once cleaned, I use home made Waxoyl on anything I don’t want to rust. The recipe can be found online or you can order the real thing from England.
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    thanks for the info fella's all of this info will help me out a lot this winter, as I slowly start to take apart my car finally.  
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