Oil Leaking around Distributor

BigSkyBigSky Posts: 632Senior Contributor
I’m on the 2nd distributor gasket as I’m trying to get the distributor to stop leaking oil.  I imagine it probably has something to do with the copper octane adjuster just not laying flat against the block & distributor.   However it hasn’t mattered how much I tighten it, it just keeps leaking.   The gasket I’ve been using is a cork rubber one from Cooper, is this the best option as far as gaskets go?  

Hopefully someone has been down this road before & can shed some light on a solution.


  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 7Member
    Clifford used to sell 2 rubber o rings to replace the gasket.
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 7Member
    What happened to the rest of the octane selector? It doesn't appear to be holding the distributor down.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 632Senior Contributor
    It’s just hidden underneath....

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