1912 Hudson Model 37 Crown wheel and pinion


We have a Hudson Model 37, chassis imported to London in 1912 with a London built body.

We have been doing quite a bit over the lest year to improve the steering and other aspects but have just discovered the rear axle crown wheel and pinion are in very poor shape.

Does anyone know where we could get a replacement?

Kind regards



  • Simon_BruceSimon_Bruce Posts: 3Member
    or if I have some made, does anyone know who might be interested in sharing the cost?
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 522Expert Adviser
    A stab in the dark. Did Hudson make them in 1912. If not perhaps other makes used them.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,089Administrator
    If you're in the Club, you might send e-mails to owners of all the Model 37's in the Club, asking if anyone would be interested in sharing the cost of reproducing new gears.  My guess is that not that many of them will see your message here at the Forum, so it's best to try to reach them directly.
  • Simon_BruceSimon_Bruce Posts: 3Member
    I have found someone locally who can cut the gears for me so will make a one off crown wheel and pinion
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