Hudson Sr. Car Stepdown parts

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I am going to post these parts here on the forum for about a week and then they will be listed on EBay.  I thought I would give forum-users first shot at these.  Prices and short description are as follows:

1.  Upper trim for greenhouse stainless on 2-door Coupe.  3 joining clips included (missing 1 clip).  Not polished, all extremely good pieces.  A few very small dings.  Fits '52-53 Sr. Cars.  2-Door quality parts are almost impossible to find these days.  Sold as set only.  $400 plus shipping.  

2.  Gas Door Guard, new reproduction (fits '48-'53).  $40 plus shipping (small priority).  

3.  Commodore 6 Fender Badges.  NOS.  1952.  $400 or best offer.

4.  Under steering column to dash chrome piece.  Re-chromed.  $60 plus shipping.

5.  Used Sun visor (inside car) brackets for closed Step-Down.  Good Driver Quality.  $25 plus shipping.  

6.  Driver door for 2-door '52-'53 beltline trim.  Driver quality, but polished.  A few small spots that need polishing, etc.  One end was heat-treated for repair some time in the past (not by me!) and that end has a few small waves.  I tried to show in pic.  Overall, very good quality and as I said, great for a driver.  I paid $250 for it 15 years ago.  $250 or best offer

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Other pics can be sent upon request.  









  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,010Administrator, Member
    These will be posted in the next day or two on Ebay.  
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