47 pick up rear fenders

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Need 2 rear fenders for a 47 pick up, anything from nice to something I can work with. 41 car fenders look pretty close I don't know if they will work with a little fabrication. At this point my new truck has nothing, so I need something to for it. I hope someone has some suggestions on what I can do.


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    There is a filler panel added to the inside edge to make the fender bolt up to the flat side of the bed. If you have to fabricate fenders, 41's are the right thing to start with. I have a set of '41 car rear fenders. are you located? I'm in So. Cal.
  • gearheadgearhead Posts: 6Member
    Of course I'm in Massachusetts, as far away as you can get. What condition are they in and how much would you charge for them. Thanks John
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    You can Ship Greyhound Frieght with minimum wrapping and Fastenal usually less than FedX & UPS.
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    Thanks ole racer I forgot about those two ways of shipping. We'll see what happens.
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     Check with Y.R.C. Freight if within your area. I purchased a '51 Hudson Hood then got a nice price from Y.R.C. They were Yellow, Roadway, and Consolidated before merging.

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    I’m out of town this week
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    If the fenders are in socal already check with bentmetal to fab the panels unless you can or have someone local to make them.  Only ship once to you that way.  The parts have compound curves and the bed side of the fender is slightly less than 90 inches of welting long.  Big, fat fenders. Good luck
  • gearheadgearhead Posts: 6Member
    Well it's been six months now that I've been looking for a set of rear fenders for my 47 Big Boy truck or a pair of 41 car fenders. Anything from real nice to something I can fix. My son and I are pretty good at bashing metal into shape so I'm pretty sure we can make something work. Gotta be a couple somewhere. Thanks John
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    greyhound and fastenal are not shipping currently due to covid.
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